An Introduction to My Families

From the southwest, to the east, to the north, I have ancestors from all across Ireland who settled in North America.

Here is a map showing the families I am currently researching for my own personal family history.

Two of those families were added to the mix thanks to DNA: Mulvihill in Kerry/Limerick and McBrien in Co. Fermanagh.

My only immigrant ancestor that I don’t have a county of origin for – yet – is my 3rd-great-grandmother Rose Flynn. DNA evidence is pointing to Co. Cork or Co. Mayo, and has consistently pointed to those two counties. The Flynn name is numerous in both counties. More work will need to be done for confirmation.

I’ll write about those families, and all of the others in the map above, in the weeks ahead. Family by family, I’ll share what I know, what the DNA evidence has shown in terms of kin, and what traditional records have said about them.

Each of the above families is connected to numerous other families via DNA that I hope to write about in time on Irish DNA Net. It is my hope that descendants of these other families will see what is written and try to get in touch, and that we can collaborate. As I expand outward to more distant relationships, I would like to go into some other Irish families I am interested in, either by marriage or location – families I have done some research on too. And in time, I hope others will share info on their own families so they can have a place on Irish DNA Net. I really hope this will become a resource for all interested in Irish research, especially when it comes to DNA and the walls that are coming down thanks to DNA.

So stay tuned. All of this and much more in the weeks and months ahead.

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