This Is Big For Irish Research: More Civil Records Now Online

The odds of finding the link between Irish DNA cousins and your own family just got better. has been busy digitizing civil records and making them publicly available free of charge, spanning from the mid-1800s well into the 1900s. They just added years worth of new records online.

This isn’t just an index. Once you find a name, date and place of interest – for a birth, marriage or death – you’ll see the original record linked via a digital image (in most cases). That’s where you’ll find more information.

Per the Irish Times, now available:

  • Births from 1864-1918
  • Marriages from 1864-1943
  • Deaths from 1878-1968

For myself, all of my direct ancestors had left Ireland (or passed away) before 1864, with most leaving around the time of the Great Famine (1845-1849) and some other branches emigrating decades before that. So I won’t be able to find any direct ancestors in these records. But siblings, maybe; first cousins, likely; and beyond that, most definitely.

If you have a geographic location for your family down to the parish or townland, looking in and around those locations for kin with the same surname could prove fruitful. The records are organized by Civil Registration District, explained here. If you don’t have a place of origin, but you are searching an uncommon name, you may still have luck.

And for more distant kin, think of the potential to collaborate with DNA matches who live in Ireland, or for that matter anywhere around the globe. Between these civil records, census records, church records and other records available, you could make significant discoveries, bringing your matches’ trees further back and possibly linking them to your own family.

There’s never been a better time to research Irish family history.

So what are you waiting for? You can search the updated Irish Civil Records database right here.

Want to show off your Irish pride? Have a look at these:

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