Craig Kanalley founded Irish DNA Net in May 2019 as a hub for his DNA research and to provide a resource for others of Irish descent.

Craig began tracing his family tree in 1998 for a school project. He first took a DNA test in 2012, when he Y-DNA matched a living distant relative in Ireland with the same surname, spelled Kennelly there. Craig traveled to Ireland and met him. They exchanged family stories and old photos. The resemblance of their older relatives was uncanny.

In 2016, Craig self-published a book, Wallace Wounded, based on his Irish family history research.

Craig became interested in autosomal DNA and the potential to extend all branches of his family tree. After years of DNA research and testing numerous relatives, he has phased 100% of his DNA back to his grandparents and 99% back to great-grandparents. He has learned that he inherited 29.7% of his DNA from his paternal grandfather Ken Kanalley, his Irish grandparent, more than any other grandparent.

Craig is a big believer in collaboration with others to break through brickwalls. Multiple people working together will approach research problems with different ideas and insights based on their experience. In that spirit, he began Irish DNA Net, and he hopes it will help others with their own research. He would love to hear from you if you have an interest in Irish family history, Irish DNA or you would like to write a guest post for Irish DNA Net.

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