There are many great resources online for Irish genealogy. You can make powerful discoveries by combining records from these sites with DNA.

ā˜˜’s Ireland Genealogy Wiki is a great place to start.

ā˜˜ Census Records: The National Archives of Ireland has the 1901 and 1911 censuses online and fragments of the 1821-1851 censuses that have survived.

ā˜˜ Church Records: The National Library of Ireland has digitized Roman Catholic church records from more than 1,000 parishes across the Emerald Isle. These are images that you can browse for free. has indexed many of these records and you can search those for free as long as you sign up for an account there.

ā˜˜ Church & Civil Records: has Co. Kerry, Co. Cork and Dublin church records indexed, as well as Irish civil records from 1864 through the early-to-mid 1900s. The civil records are especially great as many of them link to scans of images that contain more info.

ā˜˜ Other Records: The Irish Family History Foundation has more than 20 million Irish records indexed at, but most records are behind a paywall.

ā˜˜’s databases for Irish research are helpful, but you will need a subscription to access them. Records include civil registration indexes for 1864-1958, military records, immigration records, and vital records.

ā˜˜ is worth a look for your family and is free to search with an account.

ā˜˜ John Grenham’s Irish Ancestors is an excellent resource, from an extensive list of Irish surnames to visualizing where those surnames occur on a map.

ā˜˜ļø You might also have a look at the IrelandGenWeb Project.

Looking for more information on Irish surnames or names in Ireland? There are several excellent books on the subject:

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